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"At SQ Auto Fortune, we've revamped our vehicles to align with the latest market trends, enhancing efficiency and safety. Experience the best in premium car rental in Lahore at low rates, offering style, comfort, and safe travels for your journey."

PKR 7K day
Discover the iconic Toyota Corolla at unbeatable rates with our low-cost car rental services in Lahore. Enjoy the reliability, efficiency, and comfort of the Corolla on your travels.

PKR 12K day
"Experience the iconic Honda Civic at unbelievably low rates for car rental in Lahore. This popular model combines style, performance, and fuel efficiency, ensuring a memorable and budget-friendly driving experience. Rent the Honda Civic today and enjoy the road in style without breaking the bank."

PKR 14K day

PKR 20K day
Embark on every adventure with the luxury of the Fortuner Legendre's immaculately designed interior, ensuring each thrill is soothed by comfort.

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Unmatched Elegance and Comfort

Our vehicles have no parallel in terms of style and comfort because we ensure rigorous quality control. Due to this reason, our vehicles prove to be efficient and highly durable in the long run. Irrespective of the pressure of time, frequency of usage, and abrasive weather conditions, our vehicles will serve you well in the present and future. 

State-of-the-Art Technology

Best Services

We have executed the latest tech in our vehicles that make them unmatched among their competitors. You will find tech-based features like an advanced automated system, smartphone integration, impeccable sound system, and AI-based navigation to make your driving experience extra efficient every time. With our tech-oriented vehicles, you immerse in a new world of automated traveling that ensures more comfort and safety for the drivers and passengers.

Performance and Power

At the end of the day, a user will expect hundred per cent efficiency from our vehicles in terms of performance of power. Sit back and relax since we engineer our vehicles as per your expectations. These premium vehicles empower you to fully control them through a tight street, and even on a highway, you can take complete command of these vehicles to a large extent.

Safety First

We can never compromise your safety with our vehicles. Due to this reason, when you use our SUVs, you will find the latest safety features in them. Therefore, it makes sense why we are your number 1 automobile partner in terms of safety. Our vehicles have counter-collision mechanisms that protect you from undergoing fatal clashes and accidents. We have made sure that our vehicles can permit you to rely on them and also you can drive them with a sense of confidence and no fear?

Exceptional Service

At SQ Auto Fortune, we are improving our services with each day passing. The reason is that we cannot meet your demands and expectations by following a one-fits-all approach. Therefore our past customers have shown satisfaction in terms of using our services. We have recruited a special customer service force to address your problems in time. Plus, you can even ask them for quick help whenever you need them. With SQ Auto Fortune, you never travel alone since our help is always with you!

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