Hunza Tours is renowned for its chilly climate and lush green scenery. The heart of Pakistan’s Northern Areas is called Hunza. All the top Hunza Valley tourist attractions are included in our honeymoon packages from Pakistan for couples and families. The most stunning area of Gilgit Baltistan is Hunza.

Rakaposhi Peak – The immense mountain of Rakaposhi is everywhere, no matter what part of Hunza you are staying in.

Moreover, the mountain is a part of the Karakoram Mountain Range and is 7,788 meters high.

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Sost Border – On the Karakoram Highway close to the Chinese border, Sost is the last Hunza village before the border. Due to the fact that all traffic crossing the Pakistan-China border passes through this town, a town is a crucial location on the highway for all passenger and cargo transport.

The high mountain pass in the Karakorum mountain range is also known as Khunjerab Pass. A national park that is home to a rare species of snow leopard is also located near Khunjerab Pass. It is a magnificent representation of the friendship between Pakistan and China.

Gulmit – The Gojal valley in upper Hunza and the nine-colored valleys are connected by Gulmit, a popular tourist destination in Hunza. The breathtaking colors of nature can be seen here. The Passu Cones and the expansive views of the entire valley are incredibly captivating. Additionally, Gulmit offers visitors a full package in the form of majestic mountains, high peaks, historical sites, and a comfortable climate.

Karimabad – The village gives the most ancient look because of its stones made of houses and streets.

 Altit Fort – The Hunza state’s hereditary rulers, known by the title Mir, called it home. A former prince lived in Altit Fort, which is thought to be around 1100 years old. There is currently a museum there. Both the fort and its construction are works of art.

Baltit Fort – A must-see location in the Hunza valley is the Baltit Fort, another fort. According to legend, the fort’s foundations date back about 600 years. But over the years, there have been numerous rebuilds and modifications. A famous landmark in Hunza is the castle-like Baltit, which is located above Karimabad. It is supported by large legs and has wooden bay windows that overlook the valley.

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