Kaghan Valley is a beautiful place to visit. Kaghan is a gem among the numerous lovely valleys in the  Mansehra District of Hazara. The Babusar Pass, at 13,690 feet (4,170 m), is the valley’s highest point. The valley is 160 km long and rises from an elevation of 2,134 feet (650 m) to it.

Shogran – The main attraction in this area is Shogran, which is accessible by jeep from Kiwai and is another 5 miles away but gains 3000 feet in elevation. You are now 7000 feet above sea level, which is appropriate given that Shogran means “Forest in the sky.” From here, you can see some of the tall peaks, including Malika-e-Parbat (Queen of the Mountains), which rises to a height of 17,000 feet, as well as “Moosa Ka Musalla” and “Makra,” both of which are 14000 feet high.

Paras – The tiny village of Paras is located 6 km farther on to the north of Kewai. Before continuing on to Naran, most public transportation stops here for tea and snacks. At Paras, a rocky road crosses the river and climbs 15 kilometers to the remote, 2,400-meter Sharan.

Naran – Naran is located 3 hours’ drive away from Shogran. It is a small tourist community that is only open from May to September. The remainder of the time, snow covers it. Every visitor to Naran comes to see the Saiful Muluk Lake (10,500 feet), which is located 6 miles east of the city. Transportation by jeep can be arranged if the road is open. The lake is a lovely location for a picnic if the road is closed, and it is an easy, gradual three-hour walk.

Ratti Gali Top – There is a peak known as Noori Nar Top on the route from Jalkhad (near Baisal) to Sharda. Ratti Gali can be reached by day hike from Noori Nar Top on the right side.

Balakot – Kaghan Valley begins in Balakot, which is renowned for housing the mausoleums of two Muslim warriors who lost their lives fighting against Sikhs in the 18th century, Kaghan valley can be reached from Balakot.
In the Hazara Province, Balakot is situated about 38 kilometers to the northeast of Mansehra and 72 kilometers from Abbottabad. It is a historically significant town, a well-known tourist destination in the area, and the entrance to the Kaghan Valley in Pakistan’s Hazar Province.

Kawai – From Balakot to Kaghan, Kawai is 13 miles away. In this distance, you will go from an altitude of 3000 feet to an altitude of 4000 feet, meaning that you have traveled 1000 feet in 13 miles.

Manna Meadows – The Manna Meadows, which are on the right side of Makra Mountain, are a really lovely area rich in natural beauty. From Paye Meadows, it takes at least 4 hours of guided hiking to fully explore this stunning location. The Manna Meadows are located 8000 feet above sea level.There are many different facets of natural beauty to be found in the lush green meadows. The best time to visit this location is in August when the meadow is covered in hundreds of flowers.

 Siri and Paya – From Shogran, a steep ascent through a forested landscape of fir and pine leads to a plateau with Siri and Paya’s outstanding natural beauty. One of the most beautiful places is Sri and Paya. A plateau rises above the hill town of Shogran and is called Siri and Paya. You would be surrounded by a breathtaking view of verdant meadows in Siri and Paya. The panoramas are stunning. One can witness the magnificence of Musa-ka Massala Peak (4,267 m), Malka Parbat 17,156 feet (5,229 m), and Makra Peak 15,030 feet (4,581 m) on the grassy plains of Siri and Paya. Mt. Makra is also reachable via a one-day hike.