The Swat  is well known for its summer and winter tourist attractions. First off, Swat is fantastic for summer honeymoons as well as hiking, trekking, camping, ziplining, riding chairlifts and cable cars. Second, Swat Kalam is a popular tourist destination because it has Pakistan’s largest selection of winter sports activities. Last but not least, during the winter months, both domestic and foreign visitors to Swat Kalam Valley come to enjoy activities like skiing, ice skating, sledding, ice hockey, bandy, snowboarding, speed skating, curling, etc.

Mingora – The famous capital of Swat Valley is Mingora. Fizaghat Park not only offers delicious food, but it also has a pleasant atmosphere. When touring the Swat Valley, tourists arrive here first. Additionally, it is in Mingora, about 3.6 kilometers from the town. From here, one can see the Swat River’s roaring waters in person and get a broad view of the valley.

Malam Jabba – Nearly 44 kilometers separate Malam Jabba Top from Mingora, Swat’s busiest trading center. Malam Jabba is the only skiing destination in Pakistan. The Hindu Kush mountain range contains one of the Swat Valley’s most well-known hill towns. Even though the entire route to Malam Jabba is curved, daring travelers have enjoyed skiing there. The slope is also surrounded by a thick forest. In addition, Malam Jabba Resort in Pakistan offers world-class facilities for winter sports and adventures. Many visitors come here to take in the magnificent mountain views. Participants in the International Alpine Ski Cup who traveled to Pakistan have remarked that Malam Jabba is the ideal location for skiing in Swat Valley locales.

Saidu Shareef –

Swat’s capital city, Saidu Sharif, can be found in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Most of the central government offices in Swat are located in Saidu Sharif. In addition to offering government services, Saidu Sharif has lovely malls, eateries, cafes, and hotels.


Gabbin Jabba – A lovely Swat meadow called Gabin Jabba is about 70 kilometers from Mingora. One can take a car or jeep up to Lalkoo (it is advised to hire a car from Mingora with a local driver as the last 10 km of the track are under construction and very difficult), and then go on a three-hour hike from there.

Shangla Top – In essence, this Top serves as a quick route between Besham City and Swat. Khuwaza Khela to Shangla Top one-way detour.

Bahrain – The main bazaar of Swat Kalam tourist attractions is located in Bahrain Town. Bahrain has a reputation for being a riverside resort and hill station. The joining of two distinct rivers is expressly described in the title. Travelers can stay in hotels while taking advantage of the refreshing breezes of the Daral and Swat Rivers. It also serves as the starting point for a trail that leads to the lakes of Daral and Saigas. The area has a pleasant summer climate and is a must-see location in Swat because of its fame and beauty.

Kalam Valley –  Kalam Valley is located first on the map because there is a distance of 99 km separating it from Swat Valley. The Swat River encircled the whole valley, along with the lush Swat hills. Due to this fact, the Kalam Valley has drawn a sizable number of tourists. The important locations associated with Kalam include the worth-visiting Matiltan, Usho, Utror, and Gabral. Kalam is a must-visit location in Swat due to its cool, pleasant climate and panoramic views.